My First Visit

How many appointments will I need?

Each case is different, and some need more treatments than others – ask your therapist for an indication of how many treatments your condition is likely to require.  Our statistics show our patients on average receive 3-4 treatments per injury.

Sometimes after a treatment you may feel some soreness or stiffness but it should not […]

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What should I wear for my Physiotherapy treatment?

It is easier for you and the therapist if you come suitably dressed for treatment.

We can provide some alternative clothing in the form of gowns and shorts to use during treatment when necessary – ask your Physio.

For neck treatment

Wear a shirt that is easily removed, or a low necked T shirt

For back and hip […]

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What should I bring to my physiotherapy appointment?

Your referral letter form from your physician (if you have one).

Any ACC paper work related to your treatment.

If you have any other information pertaining to your injury such as specialist reports, scan results, or X-rays and/or X-ray reports.

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What happens when I come in for my first appointment?

When you make an appointment, you will be told who you are seeing, when to come and what to bring.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.  This will give you time to fill in our patient information form and complete any other documentation.  Even though you may have seen us for a previous […]

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