What Is Pilates And How Can It Help You?

Pilates teaches you how to use the correct muscles necessary for ideal posture and trunk stability, how to strengthen relatively weak muscles, lengthen short muscles and improve joint flexibility in natural fluid movements. The Rehab Pilates Classes we provide consist of strength, mobility, and stretching exercises performed on a mat.

Rehab Pilates is a great way for people of all ages to start exercising following injury, illness or pregnancy.  Rehab Pilates Classes are great for back, hip and neck problems, posture-related problems and general conditioning.

Our Pilates Classes are taught by Nikki.  Class sizes are small (usually 7-10 people) ensuring participants get frequent assistance and feedback.  Exercises are slow-paced and controlled and progressed as your technique and function improves.  Both intermediate and beginners classes are available.  An initial assessment will be required prior to attendance in the class.

Please contact reception, or Nikki for more information.

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